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There is another new shoe brand on the scene, offering welted shoes out of Spain with rubber soles and lasted shoe trees. All packaged nicely together at around $360-$385. That comes with free worldwide shipping. And their name is Amblier.

Amblier is the house brand from the online shoe retail, The Sabot. And the Sabot was created by two gentlemen, one silent partner and one very recognizable @Erikged from Instagram.

They came on the scene offering shoes by makers that were relatively new to the worldwide scene, Andres Sendra and Antonio Meccariello and have done a great job at building those brands but have since moved onto more Japanese offerings (Joe Works and Yohei Fukuda) as well as their new house brand, Amblier.

As they are just starting off, you can find a modest collection of very classic shoes. The package of rubber soles, lasted shoe trees and free worldwide shipping, is quite enticing, to say the least. I am sure that many of you will jump on that snuff suede adelaide brogue as that is a very appealing shoe!

Happy Shopping!

-Justin FitzPatrick

4 thoughts on “Amblier – New Welted Shoe Brand out of Sweden”

  1. Stephen Wierhake

    They look fine, but ordinary, which is okay with me when I’m looking for basic, classic styles. What I’m not sure about is the rubber soles, or rather, the rubber/leather combination shown. I don’t view that as a sign of quality, but will keep an open mind and hope that Justin explains the merits of that sole option.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      That sole option is simply for someone that wants a classic look but a rubber bottom to prolong life. Its not a classic option but in reality is what a lot of people want these days. It is generally found on more “economic” brands. I am a traditionalist myself and prefer straight leather but it is the new thing and I cant knock it really as it is not bad quality, just different

      1. I’ve never had a pair of dress shoes with that sole option, but here in the USA, it does seem to show up on “economic” or “affordable” brands. Does that sole last as long as straight leather? Since this new brand is welted, should I assume a good shoe repair person can put new soles/heels on them when needed? I guess I’m too old school and will stick with leather soles, unless I spring for a nice “winter” shoe or boot with Dainite rubber soles

        1. Justin FitzPatrick

          In reality it will probably last longer than a leather sole and yes it can be resoled. Even Allen Edmonds have done things like this

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