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There is a new Chinese shoemaker from Beijing that is coming out with some very elegant shoes. I just recently discovered them on Instagram and was blown away by the brown balmoral oxford highlighted above. They are very elegant and look very well made. Apparently, their shoes are completely handmade and they offer bespoke, made to order and are working on their RTW collection that is soon coming. I look forward to seeing how they expand their collection. What they show so far on their IG page is very promising and I can see them being a big hit, especially if the prices present a good value for money.

Stay tuned as you see more of them on my page

Acme Shoemaker

6 thoughts on “Acme Shoemaker – New Maker on the Block”

  1. The price has to be right. A lot of the companies in that region are pricing themselves fairly high. CNES is showing what’s possible in terms of pricing and production. I just snagged a pair of their Ringo Punched Oxfords. Very impressive overall, but these look a few steps up, so I’d imagine if they can price lower than Meccariello or in the neighborhood of $350-400, they’ll have a hit…I doubt it, though, but my fingers are crossed.

    CNES finally has a solid website, so hopefully others in this space learn and develop something that’s functional to use and order from….

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      According to another customer they are priced at $1200 but are made to the standard of Saint Crispin. Wouldnt be fair or make sense for that quality to be so low in price

      1. True. At that level, they still can’t price against St Crispin as they do not have the brand history , heritage, and reputation yet. And in this time of social disruption, hopefully they will price accordingly. The blue suede derby just posted on IG is lovely.

        1. I’m not sure how much history matters, St Crispin is fairly recent (so is say Gaziano and Girling), of course they have to fight given they’re made in China, but if Medallion is carrying them, then I guess at least Medallion sees big enough market (think Medallion is top seller for both GG and AM, also I think Medallion is probably the most comprehensive multi brand shoe store I can think of now, given how little Leffot carry these days, so is Bergdorf Goodman)

  2. Justin FitzPatrick

    Agreed re: history. I dont actually think that that plays into anything except confidence of ordering. But just because a brand is new doesnt mean they should charge less for their work. Saint Crispins came out at their same price now and had to build their reputation through trunk shows and reviews….they didnt start lower and raise the price once their brand “became a brand”

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