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For those that have noticed, I have been wearing a lot of Yeossal clothing as of late. As one of my Supporters/Advertisers who actually offers something besides shoes, we found a happy medium to get me into some of their clothing as I am always looking for great attire that doesn’t break the bank and looks amazing at the same time. Some have seen that I am a huge advocate of their swallow neck collar polo shirts, in both long and short sleeve (as you can see above, in their dark green color) but wanted to try their very cool MTM trouser program. Never before, outside of a bespoke outfit, had I seen such a selection, not only of fabric types but of waist/design styles. And truth be told, I am no expert in trousers, so wanted to expand my knowledge of them. So I chose three different ones: Ghurka, Hollywood and the Drawstring Trouser. I took measurements from my favorite trousers and sent them off to Yeossal to be made. Here I will share how each one came out.

The Ghurka Trouser

By far the more intriguing of the three, and the most worrying as fit has to be spot on with these ones and as of late, my beer gut is fluctuating constantly over the colder months. I will preface by saying that one thing I realized that Yeossal did not ask for in the measurements were leg openings and maybe thigh/knee measurements, as all 3 trousers came very voluminous in the leg. Some feedback I had passed onto them for future customers or at least something for you to know and make sure you get put in as I had to alter all three of my trousers to the slenderness that I like. While the other two trousers came perfect in the waist, for some reason these ones came tight. I probably could have buttoned the 2nd button, but would have fear breaking the button each time trying to get it fastened so I let these out an inch.

I chose the classic cotton chino in the Khaki color and was really impressed with how they came out, color and style-wise. After the small alterations, they fit, felt and looked like a charm. I think that I might need to get a Navy pair next as that is my standard uniform color trouser. Next would then be the Forest Green and Wine colors. Very cool pair and look forward to wearing them as soon as we are able to get more mobile!


The Drawstring Trouser


The Drawstring trouser was my overall favorite of the three in every aspect. It could be that I am partial to seersucker, which this is, navy seersucker to be exact. On top of that, they naturally fit and felt the best i.e. like I had nothing on. I could wear these every day. That’s how comfortable they are. They also fit my style a lot more as I hardly ever wear suits/ties and like to mix casual bomber jackets with dress attire (as you can see) so feel that the drawstring nature of them worked well with how I like to dress. And of course, it helps for that weight fluctuation, whether it be up or down. I do not think that there are too many color options with these, but will certainly look to get every color possible. But also want to check them out in the linen

I highly recommend these ones!


The Hollywood Trouser


The Hollywood trousers were my least favorite, but cool nonetheless. I thought that the waistband would be a bit higher, in the sense that the top of the belt would have more space of fabric between that and the top line of the trouser. But nonetheless, they were good. They fit like a charm in the waist too. The fabric is really slick and dressy. Definitely my dressiest pair of non-suit trousers. But not so dressy that you cannot style them down either like I did with this outfit on a chilly day in early Spring. These were the 68833, but next I am eyeing the two houndstooth fabrics in grey and navy (both mixed with black). Those look like they will come up real nice.

Overall, I loved my new trousers. I have the drawstring ones right now as I am writing this (no surprise there). And for a price structure between $150 and $220, there is a lot of value for money here in a Made to Measure trouser. I highly suggest them!


4 thoughts on “Yeossal’s Custom Trousers – Enhance Your Shoe Display”

  1. I found Yeossal by accident a few months back. I can’t believe the quality, service and fit! I have several trousers, polo’s both long and short sleeve. Dress shirts and a made to measure safari linen jacket which is my favorite piece from them! The exchange rate to USD is amazing!

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      I did, I cant say for sure as it was a grading alteration starting from the pocket going all of the way down, but least half inch on each side, at the thigh

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