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Yeossal has recently started an MTO program promotion whereby they are offering their Handwelted Range of shoes with a waived MTO fee and free shipping. With the average price at $650 (for those outside of Singapore), that is quite the deal to be had for what you are getting in return.

For those that wish to know more about their Handwelted Shoe range, please see my review of them HERE

The promotion says that it will last until the end of April, but I have good info from the top that it might be extended until the beginning of May.

Happy Shopping!

1 thought on “Yeossal Handwelted Shoes – Waived MTO Fee + Free Shipping”

  1. I am seriously tempted… it I’d assume in uk it’s +20% tax+ something for handling… I remember paying 20£ for 50£ shipment from Australia…

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