In Winter, keeping smart can be a tricky thing when your city crashes down with snowfall and super-cold weather, and all you want to do is bundle up with thick socks and thermal-style gear. And I know better than anyone as I get cold easily and hate my hands and feet to feel like they are freezing. But even so, there is always an option to keep it smart and elegant in your attire while maintaining practicality for the adverse weather coniditons.

Recently I received three Winter-weight cloth jackets by Yeossal and really love how they incorporate into my style. As a denim head I find it hard to dress-up completely. I am always gravitating towards jeans and as I get older I really love boots and loafers and hardly ever find myself in oxfords anymore. That being, jackets that are cut too formal, or dressy, simply do not sit well with my style. The beauty of the Yeossal safari jacket cut is that its deconstructed style of making with soft shoulders and being unlined really allows it to blend well with a more smart-casual look.

I find myself living in my city-hiker boots during the Winter, as you can see in two of the photos, and really felt that these jackets complememted the style of the outfit. And being that the jackets are warm yet lightweight and not so thick, it easily allows me to wear them under a parka without feeling clostraphobic in layers. Which helps naturally. I am really pleased with them as it has been a lot time that I am looking for the perfect jacket that can not only complement my style but also my way of life as I am quite rough on my clothes and find myself often moving in a aggressive manner (i.e. from shoe shining, to warehouse stock maintenance, and from packing and shipping etc) so needed something that could help me with ease and not having to remove my jacket in these colder months!

Gurkha trouser by Yeossal

Jackets by Yeossal

Boots by J.FitzPatrick Footwear

2 thoughts on “Winter Boots & Smart Jackets by Yeossal”

  1. The second jacket is my favorite of the three, and I’m getting a little Indiana Jones from it. The third is a close second but mainly because of the scarf you integrated into the outfit.
    I am a huge fan of jeans too. Dark wash jeans go with a lot of things and they make for a great casual but well-dressed look. They are also tough so you don’t have to worry about sitting on old splintering benches or rough sidewalks.
    I know what you mean by they are hard to dress up completely, and that can be disappointing when something you had hoped would go with them doesn’t. It’s all about the texture I find. I wear a lot of waistcoats, and a smooth, dressy waistcoat usually doesn’t look right with a dress shirt and a pair of jeans, but a textured wool waistcoat works perfectly.
    Jeans are one less thing you have to worry about when it starts raining.
    Hope all is well.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Wyatt, thank you for your kind words and commentary. I do appreciate it. Great minds think alike 😉 casual waistcoats and jeans are great! All is well thank you for saying and I hope the same for you my friend -Justin

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