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If you deal with a lot of adverse weather, there are few options that can handle that more purposefully than a nice pair of commando soles. Even better is when they are able to tackle two ideas with one shoe and/or boot and offer you something that is practical yet maintains style and elegance.

I have been talking a lot about commando soles lately, not necessarily on the blog, but showing a lot on IG as many brands had come with their own options during the past two winter seasons. It use to be seen as a specialized sole, left to hard-wearing models intended for proper use that corresponded to that type of heavy-duty look. But as the popularity of the look grew, the manufacturers of them decided that creating newer versions of the commando sole that were not as heavy or bulky, as they were known for, could potentially create a more universal use analogous to what one might perceive as a city boot. And in doing so, created a new trend so to speak.

The question is, will this trend stay? I think so. Commando soles automatically make a shoe/boot more casual just by the nature of it and its heavy look. As we sadly transition to a more casual society all about comfort, the commando sole is the perfect option for those ideologies during the winter season. I am not mad at this as I like the look and find it very practical for NY winters.

This is a video I made on my own brand’s AW21 collection. They are all by J.FitzPatrick Footwear. The message is simple: Commando soles are versatile and offer that ruggedly elegant solution for those living in an urban environment.

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