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There are two pictures this time, because for some reason one has better clarity on the shoes, while the other one is better in the facial region. As you might see a trend in my pictures, I tend to wear a lot of waistcoats, especially in the summer. I really don’t like my tie to be flailing around and therefore will usually wear something over it in order to keep it situated. In summer, it’s waistcoats and in the winter it is light over-shirts, such as v-neck sweaters. It may be hard to tell, but I was in a pink and burgundy day. My shoes are my burgundy whole cuts that I made, and paired with a light pink shirt/burgundy tie combo. Light on dark for those who like to tell me that I don’t wear this combo.

On that note, I wanted to let all of you know that I don’t like to dress like everyone else. I don’t try and be classic. I try to incorporate classic things into my outfits, but as usual like to put my spin on them. If I were to wear a light shirt with a solid dark tie all of the time, I would look like everyone else walking down the street or anyone who has read Mr. Flusser’s ‘Dressing The Man’ book. But I don’t like to follow the rules, I like to bend them and incorporate my own rules. Being unique means not doing what everyone else does, or what others think one should do.

Shoes: Bespoke, made by me
Trousers: H&M
Tie: Can’t remember to be honest (will correct this later)
Socks: Banana Republic
Shirt: H&M
Waistcoat: H&M

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