What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

I am really beginning to feel that when they advertise how many mega pixels are on a camera (when you buy it), I don’t think that the number is accurate. These pictures (obviously taken through a mirror) seem to come out so bad, yet I have seen other bloggers do the same thing, with their iphone and the pictures come out tremendously better. Maybe I am the culprit, dysfunctional when it comes to taking photographs. Looks like I might have to take a crash course, and painfully upgrade what I thought was a decent 14 mega pixel camera?? Whatever the case, let me explain my outfit. The weather is beginning to chill down, here in London, as the summer comes to a sad end and yesterday it was feeling a bit chilly. That being, I decided to wear my flannel DB suit paired with my suede chukka boots. For me, it turned out to be a very nice match, as there is a light pinstripe in the suit, which complimented the shoes. Even though my work does not call for really dressing up, I always appreciate wearing a nice suit as it makes me feel better and more professional!

Shoes: Stefano Bemer
DB Suit: Gieves & Hawkes
Shirt: Primark
Tie: Faconnable

What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

2 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing”

  1. Hey Justin,

    Like the outfit, it shows personality. Though i would have to say the shirt and tie or way off. Ive seen this on several of your photos.

    I would recommend playing with colours. By this I’m not referring crazy loud, just contrast. Quoting my role model of dress Alan Flusser. You need a piece that anchors the whole outfit.

    The items must contrast themselves and at the same time complement your complexion.

    Option of shirt & tie: a light blue with a solid dark tie, or a light violet shirt with a solid dark tie as well. seasonal cloth of course.

    All Best!

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