I remember the first time that I ever got recognized as The Shoe Snob. It was a surreal moment (and definitely took me by surprise) as I did not really think of myself as being “known.” Even to this day, I am constantly shocked when I discover that certain people and/or companies read my blog and know who I am, but it is a good feeling I can’t lie and anyway I always love meeting my readers…..So, to get back on point, that first person that recognized me (and actually said something) was Mr. Christian Kimber. I remember that I instantly liked Christian as he was assertive, stylish, kind mannered and had that aura about him as if he was going places. He reminded me of myself really, but the English version 🙂 I knew then, that I had to keep an eye out on him, as I felt that he was going to make a good mark on the industry. It would now appear that my feeling was right, as like me, he is on a quest to start his own footwear range, but is doing so from a million miles away: Australia. I believe that he is starting things on a bit of a smaller scale than myself, but nonetheless, from what little I have seen, it would appear that I already greatly appreciate all of it! Suede tassel loafers with contrast sole and tassel: LOVE IT! That being, if you want to keep your eye out for a great brand, remember the name Christian Kimber…..

4 thoughts on “Christian Kimber Footwear – Mark Your Calenders”

  1. Now, now… Just because you can’t see the socks, doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

    Falke do something called Invisible Socks, which are fantastic and you definitely wouldn’t see them under a chukka. You can’t even see them under plimsolls…

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