Here we take a look at my recent order of Yeossal trousers from their custom collection. I have become increasingly interested in custom trousers as the fit really helps to improve my odd-shaped long torso/short leg look that I unfortunately have. The custom trouser helps to elongate the legs and shorten the trouser with a nice cut and a high waist. You can see this at the end of the video. 

While I am no trouser snob, I have worn enough clothing from RTW to custom to know a good value for money when I get it. And Yeossal definitely provides it. With over 90 options of cloth to choose from it’s hard not to find a lot of things you will like! While my focus will always be on shoes, my goal is also to share good products in the menswear world that I know many of you will appreciate. At the end of the day, I wish to see all men dressing better, and while I feel that starts at the feet, it must go up from there!

I hope that you enjoy this video. Stay tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing Series – Yeossal Custom Trousers”

  1. i’m just the opposite – around 5’10” with long legs and short torso. I don’t like belts and prefer braces or side fasteners. Any suggestions so I don’t look like erckle.

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