Singaporean Atelier, Yeossal, who is one of my advertisers (that you see on the right-hand side), sent over some new pieces of clothing that I unboxed in the video above and am super excited to wear once it warms up just a touch more in NYC.

They have been coming out with some of the more exciting things the industry has to offer right now, namely my favorite shirt of all time, the Swallow Neck Polo series, in both long sleeve and short. As I never wear a tie anymore, this new style of collar really offers the best alternative to a shirt/tie combo with a high collar that stays in place.

At $168 SGD (around $100), they are a great price for the quality in return.

The Shoe Snob - Unboxing Series - Singaporean Atelier Yeossal The Shoe Snob - Unboxing Series - Singaporean Atelier Yeossal

While I am not stranger to wearing polo shirts, I am a stranger to wearing proper trousers (not belonging to a suit). Therefore, I decided to update my style and order 3 of their custom trouser offerings.

  1. The Gurkha double strap belt loops in the cotton chino version
  2. The Drawstring trouser in Navy seersucker (will probably wear these on a weekly basis this Spring/Summer!)
  3. The classic tailored business trousers with Hollywood waistband in the Navy Sharkskin

I never was one to mix/match my trouser/jacket combination but there is always a start for everything. I look forward to also getting all of these on once it gets a touch warmer and taking some pictures to show all of you!

Do check out Yeossal if you have yet to already. They have an amazing selection of clothing, as well as shoes.


The Shoe Snob - Unboxing Series - Singaporean Atelier Yeossal


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