Today’s Favorites – Unique Designs

Today's Favorites - Unique Designs

Today's Favorites - Unique Designs

Two Pairs Above: Gaziano & Girling

Today's Favorites - Unique Designs
Today's Favorites - Unique Designs
Today's Favorites - Unique Designs
Three Pairs Above: Olivier Guyot for Walter Steiger
Today's Favorites - Unique Designs
Boots Above: Mr. Hare

While it is hard to create something that has never been done before (and looks good) it never stops a maker/designer from trying his best to do so. These notable styles above represent a bit of fresh air from the usual stuffy styles that are created by every other shoe company in existence. While I really do love classic models (albeit with a twist) I think that I become more excited when something new is created, put into production and comes out actually looking like a respectable shoe and not something that belongs in a circus. But it is not easy to do so and I applaud any maker/designer that is able to accomplish this feat.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Unique Designs”

  1. Justin,

    While they are not traditional, high-end or bespoke, I wonder if you have heard of the brand, Trippen? You know how germans love to make comfort shoes, and they are usually rather hideous, but these, I think, are a unique blend of ergonomics, function, and style. I love looking through their website,, if only to see something really original. I’ve had my hands on them, and they are built to last, as well. I’d love to know what you think!

  2. KeaLani – I have to say, that while I do appreciate their venture to be different, they are not really my thing. But I do appreciate the fact that you gave me something new to look at, I always invite the idea of something new to know about. Thanks for be a dedicated reader!

    -The Shoe Snob

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