Today's Favorites - ts(s)

Today's Favorites - ts(s)

Today's Favorites - ts(s)

Coming into Spring, it’s great how you see the more colorful stuff come out as well as the wearing of different leathers like nubuck and suede. And while every company is going to have their own version of a white nubuck (or suede) brogue, I am quite fond of the model displayed here by ts(s). Knowing that I absolutely love colored soles (when done properly), what you may not know about me is that I also love a bold stitch like the one around the welt. Most stitching is sadly irrelevant and masked over by color dye, but when they leave it nude or give it a contrast color, I find it to be quite a nice additive to the image of the shoe.

While I really like the idea of the white pair, I think if given a choice between the two I would have to go for the brown. My problem is that I hate dirty shoes and being so, it would seriously limit my using the shoes for constant fear ofdirtying them. Ans once you dirty a white nubuck (or suede), it is damn hard trying to clean them!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Hypebeast


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3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – ts(s)”

  1. both are great shoes, the white would look great with dove grey trousers showing a lot of the the way i’ll only comment on things i like seeing you are a bit hysterical on the truth. great film called hysteria , see it.

  2. Superchick – What is funny is the fact that according to that comment, what you like/dislike is considered “the truth.” And to be honest, I was quite enjoying the week of peace that you gave me where I did not find any of your comments (good or bad) on my blog or FB….


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