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Shoes By: Markowski

When it comes to French shoemakers and French men, in general, I have to say: THEY ARE THE MOST DARING!!!! Even more so than the stylish and bold Italians, the French will do things that no one else does or even tries. A close second may be the Japanese. But where else can you find bright blue shoes paired with pink laces and actually see someone wearing these on the streets? Some of you may find these shoes and this idea ostentatious and even just plain ugly but I think that it is absolutely fantastic that there are so many people in that country who are not afraid to actually admit that they like color and will put that out there by wearing some of the wildest shoes you could ever imagine. And better yet, they are not afraid to throw some imagination into their shoe creations by adding colored laces that are completely contrasting to the rest of the shoe. The only other maker who I know that will commonly add this feature to his shoes is Paul Smith, another gentlemen not afraid to show his love of color!

Shoes Above Top Row: Corthay (both pairs)
Shoes Above Bottom Row: Left – Corthay; Right – Paul Smith

As I always preach, the smallest of details can turn something relatively boring into something exciting and unique. For instance, the Corthay shoe (above, left) would have been just another version of a black brogued-wingtip, common as any other with just a different last shape. But adding the yellow/golden ribbon laces to it just put it into a whole other category of shoe. It is no longer just some common brogue, it is now force to be reckoned with. It is unique, eye-catching and ultimately, immaculate! While it was always a handsome shoe, it became that much more handsome by the simple addition of colored ribbon laces! And as you start to pay attention you will start to notice that this idea is almost exclusive to French makers and I appreciate them that much more for their ability to step of out the box and add a dash of color into their products.

Top Shoes: Left – Rider Boot Co.; Right – Saion
Middle Shoes: Left – Markowski; Right – Stefano Bemer
Bottom Shoes: Markowski

If you are a person who appreciates coordinating colorful outfits, this feature in the shoe will add a million more possibilities to the sartorial outcomes produced from your wardrobe. How great is that!! Obviously, if you have never done this before, it might be hard the first few times because, no doubt about it, people will stare at you. The thing that you need to do is just tell yourself that they are admiring you and that you are damn stylish. And guaranteed, as long as you put two colors that go well together, you will be damn stylish and better dressed than many people out there! For those of you reading and thinking that this is emasculating and that no real macho man would do this, you are wrong! A real man, secure and confident, doesn’t give a shit if others judge them negatively (for their sartorial decisions) and wears what he wants because he wants to! So don’t be afraid to put your pride aside and try something daring!

9 thoughts on “Colored/Contrasting Laces”

  1. I love the first pair – the Markowski light blue with the pink shoelaces, they just look so rich! you said it right spoozy – this is shoe porn in its best! I’d match a plaid skinny tie in these colors over a white shirt, a grey vest with a pink lining and pink back and dark skinny jeans…i just need the shoes…

  2. Justin…this is some serious shoe porn…I always appreciate dropping by this blog to see what new stuff you are bringing to us. Where can I get those blue Markowski’s! I tried to navigate his site but it is all in French, English option doesn’t work. I want to be daring, I must have! I’m gonna be looking for some wild red shoes too. 🙂

    Damn I love this blog!

  3. Calvin – Not sure if the customer custom ordered that color. I found the model for sale but that blue option was not available

    Look here:

    For blue shoes look here:

    I took the picture from a photo of some guy’s personal collection (lucky him). Glad to hear that you are going to be heading towards some shoes with lively colors. Let me know what you end up going with! Best of luck.

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