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I had always read about Neapolitan shoemaker Paolo Scafora (in a good light) but had never had the actual pleasure of knowing how his shoes truly were, until yesterday. A customer that comes in quite often to Gieves (who once told me way back when that he would bring in some shoes for shining) finally dropped off a pair for me to rejuvenate (pictured below), of which just so happened to be RTW by Paolo Scafora. A lovely pair I must say, not only in style but also in quality. The leather was a pleasure to shine and the more that I handled it, the more that I wanted to kick myself for not owning a pair of brown monks, a model that every shoe lover should own at least one pair of.

This occasion had reminded me of all of the pictures that I have of his shoes, but have so horribly neglected to put up until now. It makes me quite sad to think about, because the closer that I come to starting my own shoe line, the more I realize that I will never need to buy a pair from another maker, even if I wanted to, as it would not make sense financially nor in a marketing aspect. But as a shoe snob, I want to own shoes by all the respectable makers…..what predicaments to be worry about, as in reality, it’s not that big of deal. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself in Napoli, I would stop by to visit him, as the gentlemen who snapped the picture above did, found here.

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