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Considering that, where I live, it has snowed seven inches (18cm) in the last day and I am trapped in my flat, I figured that I would post some more boots to correlate with this cold winter season! These boots are by Helm, a company based out of Austin, Texas, USA who recently launched this boot line back in 2009. I like the idea this company seems to have adopted of just sticking to one thing, boots, so that they are able to focus on making the best product possible. And what I also like about them is that their designs are different than the norm, creating boots (like the one directly above) in styles that I have never seen before or really even imagined. I like this because sometimes, I really do feel that most boots look the same, mainly because what sets them apart from each other is usually covered by your pants. So to see contrasted soles and unique top stitches is a treat!

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