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While I can’t really say that I am the biggest advocate of the toe shape, it’s the color paired with the style that is really drawing me to this model by Gaziano & Girling. As mentally sick as this sounds, I am at the point where I own a shoe in every color possible (with the exception that will forever be pink or proper orange) and now I need to start acquiring my second pair of them (we all have our obsessions…). That being, I am currently in the slow process of making this full brogue, that is off white, and am having thoughts of stripping it down and re-dying green, in a similar nature to the color of this shoe pictured here. I really feel like a dark forest green such as this, can look extremely elegant with a nice navy or gray suit and while I am still waiting to get my green pair back from the States, I figured that I would make one in the meantime to start wearing before this sun goes away.
The reason that I put this shoe, not only because I like it and the color, is because there was a curiosity on Style Forum on how green shoes by G&G come out after they have been finished. This curiosity came about as I put up a picture of one of their green monks in production (where it looked a lot lighter in color) in my ‘trip to the G&G factory post.’ Many people felt that the green was too light and therefore a little ostentatious but as you all can see here, while this style may be a bit forward for some, the color is pleasantly elegant for everyone!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Green Monks by Gaziano & Girling”

  1. oh man…green shoes. I’ve been wanting green shoes for a few months now, but outside of the G&G level, haven’t seen much.

    I actually love these shoes, with the texture/color difference in the monk straps. Really makes it stand out.

    Also thanks for the “how to polish” post Justin. Definitely opened my eyes to some things.

    Lastly, as you once posted, Leffot in NYC is an amazing store. I finally made the pilgrimmage this past weekend, all I can say is AMAZING. I even got my friend who has no interest in luxury shoes, to admit that they were extremely nice.

  2. Jesta1004 – Yea you don’t tend to see them often, unfortunately. You are right, this G&G model is beautiful, although I would prefer it on the DG70 last, a little bit more rounded.

    Leffot is great, indeed! It has a wonderful selection and a nice set up.

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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