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I am really loving Aubercy’s dress sneakers range, particularly the new colorways for SS2018. It’s not easy to make a dress sneaker, something sharp and elegant yet still a sneaker-like shoe. Because in reality, if you take away the connection of the cap to the facing, and make the facing a little bit smaller, this is essentially a dress shoe as it sports a traditional heel. Most don’t think about it but patterns of dress shoes and patterns of sneakers, often are not that far apart and what separates the two is typically a few small details like the distance between eyelets and the size of the facing, as is shown here. That being, through on a casual looking dress sole, add a few details here and there and a dress shoe can become a sneaker.

It’s also nice to see someone using denim too as it is not often that you see makers using my favorite material in their footwear and for those that think that you cannot wear denim on denim, think again as it is perfectly acceptable and can easily look good! Just make sure that they have a contrast!

Well done Aubercy for these ones!


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