Like I keep saying, this season’s big thing is lace-up boots and the Edward Green ‘Galway’ is one of the nicer options that I have seen thus far. You can’t help but enjoy the fact that it comes in so many color options, especially for those that already have a black or brown boot. This gives you the option to spice it up a bit with a gray or maybe even green pair!!

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Edward Green ‘Galway’ boot”

  1. I would like a pair of size 6(men’s) of the 5th shoe, the lovely red ones, and also the blue shoes that I commented on earlier. I am serious. please contact me. thanks nancy

    1. different ones, top three look like 202, 4 one I think is 82 and not sure of the number of the last one, possible 888??

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