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Photo Courtesy Of: Parisian Gentleman

The thing that I love about French gentleman, is that they are not afraid to push the envelope in regards to sartorial decisions. Whether it be color, style, cut etc., there isn’t much they won’t try, as evident by the outfit worn by Mr. Marc Guyot here. And whether or not I like the piece that they do decide to wear, no matter what I at least respect them for having the courage to do it. In regards to this photo I thought it to be quite brilliant, how they brought together what is presumed to be a bunch of men in the style industry, to show off their footwear choices for the day. If you attempted this in any other country with 10 gentleman in their respective style industry, I really don’t believe that you would have this much variation within their footwear decisions. And that’s what I love. For that matter, where else would you see someone wearing white dress shoes? Nowhere, except maybe Japan. Nevertheless, it’s a very clever photo with some very nice shoes in it…. and wait until you see the next picture of a circle of boots that I am going to put up on Friday…..probably the best picture of shoe porn that I have ever seen….stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – The Circle Of Shoes”

  1. You do seem to love those long, thin “anteater” shoes (that’s my name for them!) It seems to be quite popular in France, this style with the over-elongated toe, in a cap toe oxford or spectator especially. I don’t know if you just like their style, or they’re all copying yours!

    I would have to guess that many if not all of the chaps in the picture either work together and are promoting their brand, or shop in the same one or two places!

    Those “anteaters” aren’t for me, and the white dress shoes are just too camp, but I can’t knock these gentlemen for their individuality!

  2. Alex B – Hmmmm, well I would have to say that I am actually not a fan of the ant-eater style, but then again maybe my idea of ant-eater must be very different than yours. Some of the models in this picture are quite pointy even for myself, such as the white shoe with brown saddle. My favorite toe shape out of these lot are the co-respondents. Not overly pointy, but not too round either. A nice medium in my opinion.

    They don’t all work together actually. Some of them are bloggers, some of them designers etc. but I am sure that they are all someway involved within the men’s clothing/shoe industry.

    White shoes aren’t really my thing either, but what got me with this picture is simply the fact that they represent (like you said) individuality.


  3. With the exception of the tan loafer and the brown/blue apron, they all look pointy to me! Those two cap toes at half past seven and quarter to nine, just look so loooong somehow, and it’s a style I associate with you!

    But they are all splendid though – even the white/brown saddle. And I do love a spectator…keep ’em comin’!

  4. Alex B – that’s funny, those are actually a bit too pointy for me too, but hey if that is what you associate me with, then so be it…could just be that my feet are narrow so many of my shoes look pointy just because of the width of my foot. I do like a nice point, but not the over elongated ones….but I guess for me an over elongated one would look like ski’s to you… 🙂


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