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Picture Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff

One of the coolest shoes that I have ever seen (believe it or not) was a pair of Hugo Boss shoes that were a mix between brown leather and bright blue jean denim, in the pattern of a spectator (co-respondent). Now, I can’t say if I would feel the same way about them today, as this was about 6 years ago and my tastes have changed since then, but I still remember the vivid feeling of ‘wow,’ those are cool! And ever since that day, I have been curious about the mixture of denim and leather, particularly on a pair of shoes. That being, when I saw this denim model, by Bottega Veneta, I was quite intrigued, even though it was lacking the leather bit of that memorable combination. But in actuality, I quite like it being solely in denim, as even though it is in a dress cut (pattern), it still has a casual feel to them. And this look makes me think that it would be the perfect shoe to wear with chinos, or any kind of casually smart trouser.

Even though I may not be the biggest fan of designer/fashion labels, I can say that what I do like about them is that they are not afraid to try anything, and sometimes that ‘anything’ turns out to be something quite cool and exciting, such this model here is for me. I don’t think that Crockett & Jones or any other reputable high-end shoemaker would have ever considered releasing this to the world….

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