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During the Summer sale period here in London, if you look hard enough, you can find some great deals, as was the case for my colleague who found these Charles Tyrwhitt double monks (made by Barker) for around 165. As the residential Shoe Snob here at G&H, many of my colleagues will come to me for shoe advice, to show off their new shoes or as in the case of most ask me to shine them up, especially before some event in which case I am usually become bombarded with demands! My friend Simon went for the double whammy after he purchased them, asking me for my second opinion as well as a top quality shine. Being the snob that I am I turned my nose up at them when I heard the name Charles Tyrwhitt, a mistake that I later admitted being in the wrong for. Little did I actually know that they were in fact made by Barker, a brand that can make a good pair of shoes. So as time went on, my polishing got shinier and shinier, the more that they started to grow on me and made me jealous that I did not get a pair for myself! And I must admit, for 165, this is a hell of a steal, especially for a solid pair of double monks done well!

On a side note, I have started writing for another online publication called B.B.Esquire, which is essentially the new gentleman’s modern guide to London. Here I will be writing monthly, of course about shoes, but with a different outlook than my blog. So if you fancy a wander around or want to see what I wrote, please click on the link that follows:


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

7 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Barker Double Monks”

  1. I don’t have any Barker shoes, although having tried a few, I’ve just bought some for a friend. In that price range from Barker’s own range, there really are some very solid and attractive shoes.

    As for the double monk, this is one that looks very up-market. One thing I’ve noticed about some of the nicest ones (Lobb etc.) is the curve of the strap, with the two buckles diverging away from each other in the top view. That makes the first buckle point back towards the heel, and the second straight down, which to me is a really perfect and balanced arrangement and the sign of a traditional double monk with a higher level of design.

    All credit to Barker (and Charles Tyrwhit for sourcing there). This is a classy-looking design, and I’m loving the natural patina of the leather (plus your handiwork too of course!)

  2. Regarding your side note – haven’t registered to read your piece yet, but a great picture, and congratulations on being asked to be their shoe guru. Well-deserved!

  3. I am pretty sure that those are Loake Cannons for Tyrwhitt in dark brown. All the details are same as in my Loakes (just posted on your FB-site).

    – Jussi

  4. If you like this style and have the right size:

    I have a lovely pair of brand new dark navy Allen Edmonds monks for sale, in a US 10.5 EEE. Even with a wide foot and high instep, they’re a very generous UK size 10, at least an “H” fitting.

    Never worn, in the box, lovely shoes, they just don’t fit me and I’m very disappointed as I’ve been waiting a while for them!

    OK, this isn’t the place, will put them on eBay!

  5. Alex B – It’s funny because this is precisely the same thing that I judge them by when looking at them. That curve for me is the defining feature that separates one from another.

    Anon1 – I can’t personally, it’s just what my friend had said that the salesman told him….

    Jussi – After studying the picture that you posted on my FB page, I think that you might be right…. I guess that the salesman was misinformed…

    Alex B – you cheeky devil you! 🙂


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