Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent

Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent

Today's Favorites - Alfred Sargent

If there is one thing that I lack in the wardrobe, it is monk straps, and I am so sorry to say it because I really, really like them. And as much as I am not a fan of just a boring black shoe, I think that an elegant black monk strap is as about as good as it gets when it comes to all black shoes. Yet, strange enough, I don’t own one. I guess that I will have to fix that! But this model here, by Alfred Sargent, is absolutely beautiful! The colors, the patina, the look, the cut, the monk, everything is spot on nice. This traditional British monk strap style is probably my favorite among all of the options that you can create when making a monk strap. And just now thinking about it, it is probably because of it’s ‘closed’ look. Most monks are considered a ‘derby’ but this one, where the strap’s opening is on the side of the shoe, for me that makes it more of a ‘balmoral/oxford’ than a ‘derby.’ And because of that, it is more sleek looking, there is more open space on the shoe, not occupied by stitching, straps, openings etc. Having just made a monk strap myself, I am set for a little while, but I will definitely be looking to get a nice black one, hopefully soon!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leffot


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