Dear Readers,

Okay, so I am finally back from my trip to the States and boy am I shattered!! What a long trip. It was rewarding however and I had a great time meeting all of you that came out to support. On another positive note, I have achieved my first stockist, Leatherfoot of Toronto. For those of you that live in Toronto, you should find my shoes in their shop around March/April 2014 so be on the look out! I am also trying to get my foot into the door in NYC and have had a few chats with some potential shops so cross your fingers for me!

Something more exciting which some of you may have already noticed is the fact that I have finally (after all these years) stepped up to the big boy plate and launched my very own proper e-commerce site and have ridden myself of the eBay shop that I used to trade off of. That being, you no longer need Paypal or an eBay account to buy my The Shoe Snob product range and I have even expanded (and will be doing more of it very soon) the range to include overshoes (galoshes) among other things.


Other website news is the fact that I have been working on my J.FitzPatrick Footwear site as well and am leaving you a sneak peak screenshot (rough draft) of it to see what I am doing behind the scenes. I just recently placed my order for the online shoe shop and should hopefully be launching that sometime in the first quarter of 2014 with some very cool new models and colorways to drop as well. Needless to say you can see that I am doing my best to grow my brand and as always I appreciate all of you that have stuck with me, not only by reading the blog but also by supporting the dream. I thank all of you very much!

Be it that I have been away for some time, you can imagine I am very behind on emails/comments etc. So please bear with me as I play catch up. But I will answer all of your inquiries as soon as possible. I promise!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


6 thoughts on “TheShoeSnob.com is Live!”

  1. Looking good, Justin! The suede oxford is a great tease, too. May I make a suggestion for the site? Let us search by size for what’s in stock: it’s great business for you from the real shoe addicts. If the first thing we know when searching is what is actually available we sometimes buy things we wouldn’t otherwise have looked at. Trust me. 😉

  2. Pray and tell your justification that I have to choose your shoes over Cheaney Imperials, which can be have for less than GBP 300 now.

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