The Sinister Strap by Koji Suzuki
Koji Suzuki for Spigola

There is something very sinister about this strap by Koji Suzuki for Spigola. It just looks like it has attitude to it and the fact that it brings out these feelings, to me, means that the design was well executed. I don’t personally like a strap that falls below the side of the vamp/last line (and thus close to the welt) but I can certainly appreciate the appeal of it, especially when a shoe looks as good in picture as this does. Traditional double monks, believe it or not, are not easy to really do too differently from each other as there are only so many ways you can really separate the two straps. But this definitely takes it to another level and opens the gap between those straps further than I have ever seen before. Even better is the amazing photography done on the picture above and how the light reflects on the sharp chisel line of the last, accentuating it’s presence! When shoes are done with passion, it always shows….

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”



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