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Wilbur Tu, of Graziat Taipei, has just released a new penny loafer model called: Gandi. But this is not your ordinary penny loafer, as nothing Wilbur does is ordinary which is why I am a huge fan of his work. The Gandi combines the look of your traditional penny loafer strap with this newer slipper-style Belgian cut that has hit the industry by storm. While everyone else in the world will put this one on some sort of soft cushioned-style sole, Graziat keeps it original here with your traditional hand-welted single leather sole.

It is currently offered in three colorways, a light tan of sort, a deep oxblood and a greyish/black color with a touch of what looks alligator on the band. The last shape is very classic and IMHO quite perfect, to be honest. I love a loafer with a nice, round toe that is neither too sharp nor too round. That way, they go with everything.

It is always nice to see new ideas being put out in the shoe industry. I will be curious to see how these are received by all of you. With the current popularity of the style, I can imagine one client buying 5 pairs in different colors. But let’s see who does them in a two-tone version?!

Which color is your favorite? And what you do think of the model?

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Penny Loafers Penny Loafers

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    1. I’m not Justin but figured I can chime in since I have two pairs from him. Price differs depending on whether it’s a standard last, if you need MTM modifications, fitters, trees…etc. Starts at around $1,000.

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