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Dear Readers,

Lots has been going on with the TSS/JF team as of late from Summer Sales, to new collections coming in, to dropping old ones, to price changes from Brexit (i.e. GBP drop) as well as my factory raising the prices per model this year and many more. So I wanted to list them all out for you in order to be prepared for it all.

Summer Sale Ends Today:

Today is the last day of our Summer sale and from tomorrow all products that were 33% off will go up to only 20% off, all driving loafers will go back up to full price except we will then again implement the 3 for the price of 2 bundle. Core products that are currently discounted 10% will not only go back up to full price tomorrow but will be more expensive by 5-10 per model due to price increase. So today is your last chance to get any sort of great discounts. This is also the last day of our The Shoe Snob accessories sale which you can find on both and


Button Boot Pre-Sale:

On Monday, September 5th we will commence our pre-sale on our new button boot colorways. We have 5 new colors and you can see them all scattered around this post. The stock is due to arrive in early Oct. and all presale purchasers will receive a free alderwood shoe tree with purchase. The price of the button boot has gone up to 410 but will now come included with a button hook in that price. The Black button boot which has genuine Mother of Pearl buttons will be 420 and will also come with button hook.

There will not be unlimited numbers of sizes like in the other presales as I have already ordered the stock. Therefore, first come first serve. The presale will last 1 week. What gets purchase won’t come back into stock until 3-4 months later and I WILL NOT HOLD ANY BOOTS FOR ANY CUSTOMERS. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Projects Starting/Projects Ending:

I have decided to discontinue the driving loafer range. There were too many discrepancies with the factory and I have decided to rather spend my efforts elsewhere and commence in new driving range collection in the future once I have found a more reliable supplier.

New projects are three: 1. We will soon be offering belts to coordinate with our shoes. We should hopefully have those in time for Christmas. 2. This is not a guarantee yet but I am working with my factory to start offering toe taps on every pair of shoes that I sell (leather soles) and then incorporate it into the price. This will create another price hike but it would be small and would not take place until at least next year. 3. I am in the process of designing my first trainer (think Common Projects style but less expensive and just as good). I want to start with a very simple wholecut trainer in suede on plimsole as well as a chukka version. But this is probably about a year off from coming to fruition. Just got back my first sample and it needs work. Stay tuned for sneak previews.

MTO Program:

We have been going strong with our MTO program, although have not yet officially ever announced it. But you can find it HERE. Since starting, the MTO Fee was simply a 90 (ex VAT 75). This price will be good until the New Year upon which the prices will raise. Shoes (oxfords/derbies/monks/loafers etc) will become a 100 upcharge and boots will become a 120 upcharge per pair. So 2016 is your time to get MTO!


J.FitzPatrick Price Hikes:

It has been a while since we had our last price hike and this year we could not escape it with all that has happened from the factory increasing our purchase prices to Brexit tanking the British Pound. Also, there were things that I swallowed in the past that I simply cannot anymore such as hand stitched apron shoes and the expensiveness of Museum calf. Therefore, most shoes have increased by 5 (with a few by 30) while boots have increased from 10-15.

Pre-Orders/Other Misc:

All of those that pre-ordered the Aurora or the Genesee, you should receive them no later than early October. Please remember that over the Summer things are always delayed as the factory has Summer Closure that affects production for about 3 weeks.

All button boots will now come with button hooks which are already included in their price hike.

I wish everyone a great week!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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4 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick Updates for A/W”

  1. Justin, apologies if you’ve already answered this but will the Wedgwood boots pictured with museum calf base / darker grain leather shaft be moving into your regular models? Or will they only be available MTO?

    1. no need to apologize Sam, it’s a valid question. Unfortunately they will not make it this A/W but maybe next year. But I cannot say for sure

  2. Good day Justin, how are you ?
    I own the Rainier – Burgundy Crust Calf / Navy Suede in 6 UK, last JKF, and it fits me great, no heel slip at all.
    Do you think these button boots in 6 uk will fit just as fine ?
    Thank you Justin, looking forward to your response.

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