We recently just took refill of our knee length 100% Egyptian Cotton socks just in time for this nice weather to start becoming more permanent. And on top of that we also added two new colors: a Dark Charcoal color for the more conservative sock wearers and a deep Crimson red (far left one above) for the slightly more daring.

We have also introduced The Shoe Snob Merino Wool blend sock into our line-up, currently starting with 4 colors: Lavender, Dark Navy, Burgundy and Speckled Charcoal, as the 4 colors shown directly below. For those of you like the breath-ability and extra cushion and warmth that wool provides, then we hope that this new offering will suit your needs.

Remember that not only do we sell them on an individual basis but also have two bundled deals put in place for our socks:

  1. 3 pairs for £50 – You can mix and match from any of our selection, including both the cotton and wool
  2. 6 pairs for the price of 5 (i.e. £100). This is essentially the same as below but some of you don’t want to spend £100 so we created this as well for those of you that want a bit more diversity in your sock collection.

You can find both of these products on†and/or (all shoes in pics below from this brand).

Happy Shopping!

the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-34 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-50 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-64 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-83 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-90 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-112 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-124 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-137 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-153 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-196 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-301 the-shoe-snob-socks-model-april-322


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      1. SpaceFromGreece!

        Great ! somehow it was not clear for me. Thanks for answering !
        Keep up the Great work !

  1. i would say in between…not quite sheer like the cotton ones but 1.5 times the sheerness of the cotton ones….hope that this helps

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