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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first of many exclusive offerings provided solely for all of you, my loyal supporters. With the new blog setup, I will be creating limited edition makes/models for you to purchase that you will not find sold anywhere else. This is my way of giving back for all of your continuous support and loyalty in my site and products.

The first edition of this exclusive offering is my new adelaide model called Rainier. For its first edition, it will come in this shaded navy calf with blackwatch tartan mix and the last that it is on is my JKF last (similar in fit to a C&J 348, 358). Sizing is also limited however, as funds were too when I was putting the order in place. That being, the sizes range from UK7-UK9.5 (US8-US10.5, EU41-EU43.5)

The shoes are on a first come, first serve basis. I have installed a Paypal plugin that allows you to purchase straight off of the blog either using your Paypal account or ANY MAJOR CREDIT CARD. That being, allow me to repeat that you DO NOT need a Paypal account to make a purchase.

I must say that due to the nature of shoemaking, the Blackwatch Tartan cloth will not sit the same on the vamp for each pair of shoes. That being, if how it turned out worries you for your specific shoe size, please contact me to send you a picture of the size that you are after. But just remember that while we are doing an exchange of emails, someone else could be purchasing your same size straight off the site.

Shipping will be done via a private courier that uses DHL to deliver. There are only 3 costs associated with shipping. UK is free, Europe is £10 and worldwide is £40. The shoes are £315 for EU customers, and £262.50 for Non-EU customers.


I thank you for your support as always and hope that you all enjoy this new feature of the blog.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”



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