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The Shoe Snob Exclusive – Free Worldwide Shipping

Wallingford - Navy Calf / Light Grey Suede

Dear Readers,

We hope that you have all had a great start to 2014 and that you are gearing up for a fantastic year ahead!

We, at The Shoe Snob, want to offer a one-week special†starting from today until†January 31st, on all of our blog-exclusive shoes that are for sale (found in the “Shoe Shop” in the upper right).

For our one-week special we will be offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Sizes are limited however, so if you are interested in this offer, please do check quickly as not to miss out.

Thank you as always for all of your support and I wish all of you a great weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

**This special offering is limited to blog exclusive shoes and does not include the models in the current collection found in the footwear section of the site.**

J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot burgundy calf

J.FitzPatrick Rainier adelaide oxford navy tartan

2 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob Exclusive – Free Worldwide Shipping”

  1. Antipodean Shoe Snob Fan

    Dear Justin,

    As a Sydney resident I sadly cannot try your shoes in person without flying to the opposite end of the globe and back. Hence I was wondering what size I would be amongst your range: I’m typically a US 9/UK 8, though went up to UK 8.5 recently for a pair of Loake 747’s, and have a very moderately square-ish foot shape. Also I’m in my early 20s, so obviously willing to compromise slightly on comfort for a more contemporary shoe.

    Thanks so much for the blog, it’s just utterly fantastic! But moreso your shoe business. It’s brilliant to see someone who cares so much about detail, quality, taste and yet also remains conscious of cost and economic reality – work hard, don’t get into debt, and mate you’ll steadily build a great business through the coming decades.

    P.S. This country is in dire need of quality shoes and shoestores, so once you get momentum going and achieve large volume in the UK I would beg you to next distribute to our shores – the Sydney and Melbourne markets in particular would respond positively and be large enough to make it worth your time. I would certainly recommend your products to all my friends.

    1. Dear Friend, first and foremost, thank you for all of your kind words. I really do appreciate them as well as your support! They do mean a lot. It’s nice to know that people appreciate how hard I have worked to get to where I am as well as how I truly care about what I am trying to do. Thank you.

      As per your size, well it is going to be difficult to say. I am curious as to why you went up to an 8.5 in Loake. Do you usually take a wide width in UK8? Are your shoes F or G in width? I would presume that if you have a slightly wider foot which caused you to take a half size up than normal in a medium width shoes, then you just might need the same for mine? But it truly is hard to say without knowing your other sizes (and widths) in other makers.

      I really hope that I can break into the Australian market. I think that my shoes would do well there based on the fact that I seem to have a good following from Australia. I will certainly do my best to get over. I need to find a store first that would either buy my shoes or host me for a trunk show in order to test the market….in due time i will get on it…

      Well thanks for writing and for all of your support and do let me know should you ever like the take the plunge in a pair.


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