The Seaweed Patina by The Shine

The Seaweed Patina by The Shine

Not only was I intrigued by the photo and the lovely pairing of colors, but what I really loved with the unique choice of name for the patina. All too often do we say ‘Dark Green,’ or ‘British Racing Green’ or rather something very common. But I have never heard anyone use the word Seaweed to describe a type of green, yet I love it! (even though I don’t like the taste of it!). On while I normally would think to put green and brown in the same shoe with such strong contrast, I feel that it came out really nice here. It might be a bit harder in person to wear then in imagination, but I love the look of it nonetheless.

For those that don’t know, The Shine is a Polish patina artist and vendor of shoe care and Yanko shoes with his own patina creations. See the link below to find out more or to buy these shoes

The Seaweed Patina by The Shine The Seaweed Patina by The Shine

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