For the longest time we have wanted to find a shoe tree that could be more tailored to the identity of The Shoe Snob as a brand. That usually comes in the form of a logo or coloring that matches the essence of the logo/brand. But the catch was to find something that was also economic, well fitting and of good quality. And the day where our search ended has finally come. We found and sourced shoe trees made out of Hungary that were made of Alder wood (much like cedar and beech in its absorbing qualities) and that allowed us to not only color them to match our brands colors of red and black but that also gave us incredible fit inside your average dress shoe/boot.

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We just received the shipment and are thoroughly pleased with them and more importantly with how well they fit into our shoes (and would do in most shoes for that matter) due to the extremely well shaped form that fills up the shoe as if its own last was in there. They will be replacing our beechwood shoe trees so as soon as they are sold out, they will not come back and these will be our only shoe trees available in wood form. They are the same price so the only thing that is changing is the upgrade of them without a price difference. You can now find them for sale on , directly at the link below, where you can also read more about them:

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