The New Double Monk – Atelier Du Tranchet

The New Double Monk - Atelier Du Tranchet

Atelier Dutranchet has recently made several pairs of their version of a double strap monk, one in black and one in brown. They are not the first to markrt to make this pattern but I like their version more than any other that I have seen. In reality, I didnt actually like this model until now. There are several details on their version that set the model apart. Lets look at them.

1. Notice that on the black verion, the buckle is black. You almost never see that but I think it looks really cool as it tones down the model as glaring silver straps on black leather is good for shwoing off but not for being subdued. These are definitely catered to being more “casual” with the black straps. Something you could wear with jeans. And the brown is not actually gold buckles but yellow. Colored buckles. Watch out for that!

The New Double Monk - Atelier Du Tranchet

2. The different length of the straps. This is another small detail but that gives the pattern a touch of uniquness. One might think to make the straps end at the same place but I like that the top strap is more elongated. A nice touch.

The New Double Monk - Atelier Du Tranchet

3. The facing cut of the derby style is very perfect, flush and elegant. Its hard to explain what I am saeeing here but the two flaps that come together on the facing to make the open style of the derby cut are very well done, coming together very flush thus leaving a very elegant look.

4. The only thing I didnt like was this rainbow like color-detail on the heel of the black pair. Not sure if that was a customer request or shoemaker going overboard on details. It shows skills no doubt. Can’t deny that. But a black heel would have been preferred by myself.

For those that do not know Atelier Du Tranchet was created by Christophe Corthay, the brother of Pierre Corthay. They are bespoke shoemakers and they are based in Paris.

Atelier Du Tranchet

The New Double Monk - Atelier Du Tranchet
The New Double Monk - Atelier Du Tranchet

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