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The London Super Trunk Show - Less Than One Month To Go/Updates
TLB Shoes, picture courtesy of Shoegazing

After a 2 year hiatus, it feels surreal to think that The London Super Trunk, hosted by myself and Jesper Ingelvaldsson of Shoegazing, is literally just around the corner. Surprisingly, I am actually quite excited to go. That might surprise many of you as I am one of the hosts and one might think I was always excited for them but the fact that I was not. The reason being is that I always worked them. So even as a host, I was non-stop working behind my stall trying to sell my shoes and never really actually got to appreciate the event as a whole. But this year will mark the first time I am nothing more than an attendee, albeit still a host, but I will finally be able to roam the event talking to everyone, taking photos, and appreciating the event from another perspective. And I really look forward to that!


The London Super Trunk Show - Less Than One Month To Go/Updates

We have less than a month now and I wanted to recap a few things as well as mention some new changes to the event, mainly our newest partners, one of which many of you will be excited to see as they are one of the greatest sock makers of all-time. And that is none other than Italian sock company Bresciani. I am particularly excited about this new partnership as 80% of my socks come from this great company and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s new and hopefully purchasing a few exclusive offerings. Their stripe socks, for me, take the cake on what’s available in the industry and one model, in particular, is among my all-time favorites and am praying they bring a nice assortment of colors so I can snag them all up! See that model below.

Learn more about Bresciani here:


The London Super Trunk Show - Less Than One Month To Go/Updates


Another new addition to our partnerships is Cad & The Dandy / The Valet. They are not the same company but work hand in hand together to assist us with the event. Most of you have probably heard of Cad & The Dandy and for good reason. After having gained popularity with a shop on Savile Row some 9 years ago their success has skyrocketed and rightfully so. With a showroom in NYC and several locations in London, Cad & The Dandy is one of the more sought-after MTM/Bespoke companies for those looking for quality tailoring at semi-affordable pricing for Savile Row styled/made garments.

Learn more about Cad & The Dandy here:

The London Super Trunk Show - Less Than One Month To Go/Updates
James Sleater, one of the founders of The Cad & Dandy

The Valet might not be known to many by that name as the owner Tom Beecroft has recently undergone a rebranding. Formally known as The Jaunty Flaneur, which mainly focused on personalized shoe care. But now, working close with The Cad among others on The Row, the Valet is so much more than shoe care and has now expanded to becoming the premier carer for the discerned gentleman and all of his attire, from suits to shoes with a service on how to properly care and maintain them. An excerpt from The Rake magazine put it percectly:

“The Valet brings together all aspects of fine garment care under one roof, offering services to press, clean, repair and alter your whole wardrobe from shirts and suits to shoes and accessories.”

– The Rake Magazine

Tom Beecroft and The Cad have been a great help in providing the space to make the bespoke shoe competition happen behind the scenes which is a very important process of the event. One of which gives great importance to making it all happen. So we thank them kindly for their partnership.

With a little over 3  weeks to go now, I will be doing a weekly email highlighting the makers and event. If you are around the London area make sure to pop on by. It is a great time with lots of cool shoes and people to see!

Learn more about The Valet here:

Read more factual details about the event, the time, location and attendees here:


The London Super Trunk Show - Less Than One Month To Go/Updates
Garment care by The Valet


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