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The London Super Trunk Show 2022 was actually supposed to happen in April of 2020 but we all know what happened there. After two long and hard years for many, it is understandable that several of the participating brands had their circumstances now change and are now not able to come. Those brands are Altan Bottier, who I was really excited to see, ZEB shoes and one of the show’s partners and beltmaker J.Hopenstand. While they will be missed this time around, it did give us the opportunity to find other makers that were keen to take part. Namely, ACME Shoemaker and Modum Shoes, two very different and unique brands in their own right. So, let’s take a look at them and welcome them to the show!

ACME Shoemaker

One of the world’s most exciting shoemakers as of recent, ACME has taken the industry by storm since its launch in March 2020, of all times. Specializing in aggressive lasts with razor-like lines, unique patinas and a mix of classic and intricate designs they offer a great alternative to your traditional high-end European maker. Starting at $1480, for a fully handmade shoe that is up there with the best of them, ACME shoes sure have brought an edge to the industry blending many styles to create one and forcing other makers to up their game to match their incredible offering of price versus quality.

I have personally done two shoe reviews on them and you can see all of my write-ups and unboxing videos on them at the link here. I am sure many of you in and around the London area are eager to see what they actually look like in person and I promise you it will be much better than you think. I look forward to seeing what new they bring to the table!

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Modum Shoes

I won’t lie, I was not at all familiar with this brand prior to them coming on board. There was a time I was up all night researching shoes, the industry, and searching for new brands. Now, I am chasing 2-year-olds and asleep early for that beauty rest and next day repeat. But that is another story. For now, let’s talk about Modum shoes and who they are. Coming from Germany, they are a company that specializes in 3D scanning Bespoke-like footwear for those that are hard to fit and want a RTW-like solution to what can be an intricate process. In steps Modum to meet those needs via a quick phone scan, some detail adjustments and creating your own design based on a set of fixed options to get perfect fitting shoes starting from €500.

Founded by two engineers who had a passion for shoes and felt that this was a niche market that needed serving, they teamed up with some German shoemakers, created some lasts and developed an app to help with the bespoke process that allows one to do it all from the comfort of their own home. It’s a very modern-day solution to a global issue: shoe fit. The shoes are goodyear welted and made in Portugal.

If 3D scanning peaks your interest make sure to come down and check them out!

Learn more about Modum Shoes:

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