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We all know that Black Friday is around the corner and this is†5†of the busiest days of the year. As a small company, we become inundated with shoes to ship out so thought that this year†we would do this in stages to make the workload lighter for us overall and more efficient for all of you that order.

We have around 400 pairs coming in the next week so we want to also make some room for those coming in, as you can imagine space in NYC is not always the greatest in abundance. In light of the fact that that we are in Autumn and approaching Winter, we thought that we would start with loafers and sneakers for those that are hanging onto those sunny days still lingering.

We have discounted all loafers down to $295 with a couple of ‘odd’s and end’s’ at $225.

Sneakers are down to $99 for the suede versions†and the white calf Olympia is at $145.

We will not be restocking sneakers until the Spring and will most likely get rid of the suede versions all together so don’t miss this chance to grab your pair.

New loafer†stock will be trickling in with new shipments of stock that will be coming here and there in the next two weeks so do stay tuned for more sizes coming in. We will make announcements on that later.

Email for any questions

Happy Shopping

-J.FitzPatrick Footwear


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