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Koji Suzuki makes a beautiful shoe…without question. And this shoe is no exception. But what I have a hard time coming to terms with is the fact that this is an oxford, with what appears to be fully functional laces, but still has the side gusset that you would find the lazyman’s brogue. That leads me to therefore believe that the side gusset is now an accessory of design, or simply a way for a person to have a real oxford but be able to slip his foot in it without lacing…something that for me just screams laziness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a loafer, but not because I don’t have to lace it and it’s easy to get on. I love the look of it. But it would appear that these days people are getting so lazy that they just want shoes that they don’t have to lace, but that give the appearance of a dress shoe. This doesn’t sit right with me, as I believe that it simply promotes pure exaggerated laziness. If you want nice oxfords, then tie them up like everyone else. Are we becoming so lazy as a society that we cannot bend over to tie our shoes?

What’s next the shoe that you can keep on your feet and leave on in your bed so that you can get straight up and go to work??

10 thoughts on “The Lazyman Trend….Not My Thing”

  1. Hey Justin,

    I actually think that Koji’s design has a specific purpose for the Japanese market as you do spend a lot of your time taking your shoes on and off over there.

    I would know as it has happened to me on my wedding day in Japan when I had to take my shoes off constantly and I wished I had a shoes like that!


  2. Pretty sure it’s the laces that are the “accessory of design” and not the gusset. A horrible thing in both name and execution! I like the act of tying my laces. The final pull of the bows is like saying “Now I’m ready!”

  3. I have to say I am very lazy person but this looks awful even for me. Laced or slip-on but please not both!

  4. Sorry Justin, on this one we disagree. As a person who lives in a largely asian community, I have spent far too long fiddling with laces on and off again over and over every time I leave or enter a house. You wouldn’t believe how much effort is to wear a pair of boots!

    This screams practicality to me, and is something I’m considering for a future bespoke/MTO purchase.

    I think we must reconcile romantic ideas of style with being practical if we want a larger community of men who think about what goes on their feet.

  5. ^^ What they said.

    After reading about the “Churchill” shoe from Cleverley, I see the association with people who have difficulty bending down to do their laces!

    But I also have to take my shoes off, and having a really smart oxford that works like a loafer would appeal to be very much. At the moment I compromise with monks, but this is definitely the next logical step.

  6. i like the look and the practicality makes sense. the only issue i could foresee is the elastic wearing out (is it an elastic gusset?). so then what? 3rd party repair or send it back to the maker?
    the upper design on this particular shoe is gorgeous and is far more versatile and attractive than any leather loafer/slipper.

  7. I believe side gusset pairs are most common in Japan due to cultural reasons. Shoes are usually taken off when visiting homes and such.

    Then again, this model may have been the customer’s design and Suzuki cannot be blamed for the whims of others.

  8. The other idea no one has mentioned is that as gentlemen age or acquire osteoarthritis or other diseases of the joints, bones, or tissues, tying shoes becomes an increasingly difficult task. A side gusset would allow a gentleman with such challenges to continue to dress as he is accustomed, but with ease.

  9. Moi – Yea, I get this, but I know too that it is becoming somewhat of a trend, for even non-Japanese (or Asian) people for that matter simply for the fact that it has the look of the oxford but the ease of a loafer….

    E – agreed!

    Heinz – Thanks for sharing!

    Adrian D – I can understand your appeal for it as well as many others who live in a country that requires taking off the shoe, but my problem is the trend of it spreading to other places that don’t require this and people getting it for the sake of wanting a shoe that makes there life easier, when tying one’s laces is not that difficult….

    Alex B – surely there are other solutions, like you said..

    Anon – there is no argument with regards to the elegance of this shoe and Koji’s making, that’s for sure, but I can still not get on board with it…

    Ville – Koji was never being blamed, I am sure that this is a customer’s make, but it’s the idea all together that I don’t like…

    LarryLegend – this of course would make sense then to have, but that was not what I was talking about…it’s not something that is just being made for people with issues but rather for those that want a shoe that looks makes but goes on easy, a way of copping out of having to tie laces…


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