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Leffot x Alden
pictures courtesy of Leffot

I am not a crazy fan of Alden shoes†like the cult following that they have but I do really like this boot as it is one of the best derby, brogue boots on the market. I feel that the whole point of this type of boot is to wear with denim and this one just ticks all of the boxes, for me, for passing perfection with flying colors. And it’s no wonder that every time Leffot releases it, it gets sold out within minutes. Because we are returning to an era of denim and this for me is the ultimate denim boot. If you, like me, fancy this boot you better get on a pre-sale list with Leffot as I am not joking about it getting sold out in minutes…. and with that here is to the return of denim wear and boots!! †(but in a smart way, not Red Wings and that whole Americana look!!)


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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