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Stefano Bemer

I feel that the wholecut oxford is often misinterpreted as solely a shoe meant for formal and/or business wear due to its lack of decor on the pattern. But I find this idea to be quite limiting, like wearing only patent “leather” to certain formal events. The world has massively changed in recent years and what once was, no longer is. And part of that change, at least in my head, is the idea of ‘this shoe for that occasion or that shoe for this occasion’ quickly becoming a rule that no longer applies. There is of course the obvious like not wearing flip flops to work or running shoes with suits etc but when it comes to specific models of shoe or ways of dressing, my idea is that should one be smart and elegant is his attire then what else really matters? I dont believe being ‘smart or elegant’ can really be misinterpreted so why isn’t this simply the new rule? Just be smart and elegant, in any situtation that deals with interacting with others in a more than personal manner.

That being, a wholecut oxford doesn’t need to be for just one specific occasion or type of outfit. For me, the grained wholecut proves just that. I would certainly wear these with a flannel suit in the Autumn but I think I would much rather complement them with a pair of smart denim jeans or a pair of elegantly cut chinos, two very far more casual types of trouser with regards to a suit. Same goes for a suede wholecut oxford. Why dont we see more of these? They are absolutely exquisite and for me are extremely versatile. But I can tell you why we dont see more of them. Because most people and heads of shoe brands associate the wholecut oxford with being a formal shoe. That has to change and only you, the customers, can make that happen by demanding more of them.

Glad to know that the owner of these Stefano Bemer grained wholecuts shares my same train of thought. Down with the old world and limited ideologies of dress and welcome the new age idea of just being smart and of course elegant!!



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