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Stefano Bemerwas one of the most famous bespoke shoemakers in Italy before he tragically passed away in 2012. Luckily his name was not lost though as Tommaso Melani (who owned a leather company at the time, and still does I believe) took over the Stefano Bemer company and has since developed it into a very successful brand in the shoe industry. While Stefano had developed the bespoke business into a successful name, Melani has helped in making the RTW collection grow to new heights by getting the shoes into many top locations around the world.

The RTW shoes are manufactured in a small factory just outside Florence, they are hand welted with machine made sole stitch, and all lasts and most models are developed from old bespoke versions made by Stefano. Prices start 1 000/€1150. They also offer two versions of bespoke. Blue bespoke is a bit cheaper and simpler where they use some pre-made bottom parts and make the sole stitch with machine, it starts at € 2450. Regular full bespoke is made entirely by hand, completely according to the customers requirements. They start at €3 600, and are called Sixpence bespoke.

To reserve an appointment for a bespoke order, in also possible).

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