The Country Shoe – My Way

The Country Shoe - My Way

I have always liked the idea of a heavy brogue shoe with a thick sole (think classic longwing in pebble/scoth grain by Trickers). That being I liked the look of this ideal model and I liked the idea of it being a stomper that could last you a long time but the only problem is that I never liked the heavy aspect of it. It was a contradiction in itself, but I knew that there was a way that I could attempt a solution. So I did my best to find it by creating something that had the idea of a heavy shoe, but did not have the heaviness of it. And the outcome was my Northgate model, as shown, that has the qualities of a heavy brogue shoe: scotch grain leather, lots of brogueing, thicker sole etc. The only thing was that unlike most shoes of this nature that have a double sole or storm welt on them, I instead simply used my city rubber sole, which is slightly thicker than a single leather sole but allows for a bit more hard-wearing. And with that, in my opinion, created the heavy brogue shoe minus the heaviness!

Available now at Gieves & Hawkes or via direct enquiry by emailing

The Country Shoe - My Way The Country Shoe - My Way


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