The Corthay Ghillie

The Corthay Ghillie

I have always had this love/hate with the ghillie style shoe. It’s intriguing because it is different, but it usually makes a nice shoe look very casual and at some times, just outright ugly. Some have done it nicely and made it look wearable while others just butcher it all up trying to make it look too much like the way that it would have been back when they wore it for practical purposes. But none have done it as elegantly as Corthay. While far from what a true ghillie lacing would look like, this softer version allows for the maker to keep the shoe still elegant but at the same time give it that ghillie look. The casual lacing paired with the sleek silhouette of French footwear allows for the combination of casual/dress to be carried off in a manner that would still allow for wearing with a suit. The typical heavy ghillie on robust English shoes simply does not allow for this, not in my opinion anyway. And while the model of the ghillie brogue/shoe in reality is not intended for suit purposes, it is nice to see a version of it that can be.

The Corthay Ghillie The Corthay Ghillie The Corthay Ghillie The Corthay Ghillie The Corthay Ghillie

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