The Butcher of Savile Row......
In staying true to what I actually wear each day, I thought that I would give you an accurate account of my daily attire, of which includes a beautifully made leather apron. I remember the first day that I came to Gieves & Hawkes, the CEO was showing me around the shop, the space that I was going to be in, and the apron that he had acquired for me in order to wear. I did not know quite what to think at first. I mean, I thought it was lovely, but a bit overkill for a shoe shiner. I thought that it might suit the shoemakers better. I guess that that was me just being a bit snobbish in reality! But now, after having worn it for nearly two years, it’s become apart of me. It’s heavy, but I don’t even notice it. It’s like when you have tattoos but then forget that they exist, kind of like how Bill The Butcher from Gangs of New York, probably wore his apron under all those fine Edwardian clothes! I really like it now and almost want to commission a range of them….only problem is that they are custom made and are not cheap!! But then again, if I actually put my mind to it, I might be able to just make one myself! Anyway, just thought that I would show all of you how I really look day in and day out….like a butcher!
Shoes: J.FitzPatrick
Trousers: H&M
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tie: Ted Baker (old school Ted)
The Butcher of Savile Row......

The Butcher of Savile Row......

The Butcher of Savile Row......


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12 thoughts on “The Butcher of Savile Row……”

  1. Paul van der Hart – Thanks Paul!

    Alex B – Not really…hand me downs from a mate that never wore them….still shopping at Primark until I stop polishing….I do have nicer shirts…I just don’t wear them to work, and therefore never take pictures of them….

    Anon – see above….


  2. Ah, there’s no convincing you to try sleeve protectors instead is there? Still, hand-me-down or not, it’s a nice shirt, and your loafers look superb.

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