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The Bicycle Stitch - John Lobb
Back when I used to sell shoes at Nordstrom in Seattle, there used to be so many models that had this ‘bicycle’ stitch on the vamp, extending towards the toe. The model that comes to mind most was this Ecco shoe that I used to sell like candy to sugar addicts. I made a lot of commission off of those things! But coming to Europe, I don’t think that I have seen one welted shoe with that style on it, until I ran into this Johb Lobb ‘Grafton’ model. It’s just not a look that Europeans apprently like. Yet Americans seem to love it (at least 8 years ago, but maybe things have changed). And I feel that I am on the mentality of the EU thought as something about it just looks unfinished to me. I mean, it gets points for uniqueness but that is about all. I can’t really place my dislike for it but I guess in the back of my brain it just doesn’t go. What do you guys think?

Pictures and shoes avaialble at: THE STYLE RUSH

The Bicycle Stitch - John Lobb The Bicycle Stitch - John Lobb

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