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I have always loved the color Teal, especially when it is on the darker side so that it is not overly ostentatious (at least in the matter of clothing). And while I never actually owned that many articles of clothing in the color teal (as no one makes it), I have always loved the idea of teal shoes. But no one makes them as it is not only hard to make as a color, but probably not an easy sell neither (as most people probably won’t find it versatile on a ‘practical’ level).

So when I walked into John Lobb on Jermyn street yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised (and happy) to see this immaculate double monk model in a dark teal suede. It was stunning and while I attempted the best photos I could in that shop with quite bad lighting for photography, I promise you that it was a million times better in person. Now if only I was a millionaire, I probably would have snatched them up right then and there despite not needing another pair of shoes, let alone from another brand. But that is how stunning they were and how pleased I was to actually see teal suede on sale. Well done John Lobb for that one. Now let’s just hope I see some stylish gent wearing those in the street so I can live vicariously through him for 5 seconds!

John lobb shoes john lobb shoes

1 thought on “Teal Suede Double Monks by John Lobb”

  1. Hey Justin – color aside, what do you think of this style of double monk, compared to the more typical kind with the straps farther apart? I saw this style over at Meermin’s ‘Linea Maestro’ page and thought, “Wow, those look elegant.”

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