Teal Boots by Carlos Santos for The Noble Shoe

Teal Boots by Carlos Santos for The Noble Shoe

It’s not often that you see the color Teal used in footwear but I think that it is one of the nicest colors out there. The subtle mix of blue and green to create a hue that I find quite appealing and attractive and easily worn with most other things. Apparently, the owner of The Noble Shoe thought the same when he made this pair for himself. Always trying out new things, I believed that he made these in the hopes to see how others would find this color and to see if he could amass a GMTO interest. Well, it surely piqued my interest as I love this color and love the idea of other people wearing Teal in the streets, so thought to bring it all to you

You won’t find this on the site but I am sure if enough of you enquired, this would easily be his next GMTO offering. If you are like me and love the color Teal, don’t be afraid to reach out to Kostas and let me know so!


3 thoughts on “Teal Boots by Carlos Santos for The Noble Shoe”

  1. I’ve just bought a pair and frikkin love the colour. As you say can be worn with most types of attire and looking forward to wearing them very soon.

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