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Laszlo Vass courtesy of En Grande Pompe

I have a strange relationship with tan shoes, kind of like my relationship with glasses (eyewear). I like them on others and in theory as a product, but then I never really fancy them when they are on myself. But of all the shoes that a tan can come in, I find it most attractive on a double monk strap. Yet you rarely see it on a double monk strap. I guess not rarely, but definitely not as much as the rest of the colors out there. This one here by Laszlo Vass is particularly attractive, not only in color but also in shape/pattern. I would especially like to see it in a grained version as I think that this would make it extra special. In fact, I am on a new trend (for myself) and that is the use of grain, or the desire to use it. I feel myself more attracted to it, particularly in a tan grain. So hopefully we will start seeing more tan monk straps and more grain leather being used in footwear. Come on shoemakers, get on it!

On another note, a blog reader who happened to start his own blog was kind enough to ask me for an interview and then asked me some very good questions that were quite different to what others have asked me in the past, so if you are keen on reading it, here is the link:

On one more note, please do remember that I have moved on from my old home on Savile Row and can now be found at 32 Elder st. E1 at Timothy Everest. I hope to see you all around soon!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


2 thoughts on “Tan Double Monks by Laszlo Vass”

    1. John B, yea the desire is one thing, the execution of it is another….sometimes I am afraid that they won’t sell…but I guess that i will bite the bullet soon and just go for it!

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