TAFT – Braided Boots

TAFT - Braided Boots

Braided shoes/boots/loafers etc are going to make a return, mark my word. More and more brands are bringing them out and for good reason too. A braided pair of shoes done right is very elegant. But so is the opposite. Done wrong and you can get some very disgusting looking footwear. Just think of Mezlan in their heyday making every monstrosityimaginable. And that’s the tricky thing about braided shoes. They have to be done right.

Taft, specializing in boots, has done a lovely version here in what looks to be a very nice, soft Italian leather. And while the detailing is very nice and in the right places what I love most is the color of these boots. It is very rich, almost edible like. if you are in the market for a casual, almost rugged braided boot, the Taft option is a good one if you don’t mind blake-stitched. My only qualm is their use of the word handmade. Please don’t believe that as it is not true. It is factory made. Not the same. Nice looking nonetheless!

TAFT - Braided Boots

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