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I have always loved the idea of a suede wholecut oxford. Its oxymoronic nature always appealed to me. I don’t often wear wholecut oxfords in calfskin for their higher level of formality. But I do love to have that blend between this dressy shoe model and a more casual shoe material. It creates the perfect balance, for me, for ‘dressing-up suede.’ I love suede as a shoe material (especially as I get older and lazier) and like to wear it with suits. Since the wholecut is the ultimate suit model I find that the suede wholecut is the perfect pairing for what some might seem as a pointless idea. But for me, it makes great sense.

Maybe as the world gets less formal, it will start to make sense for more people. This version by Paolo Scafora is a real beauty. Never have I seen it done with Norwegian stitching and I find it quite intriguing. But with that contrast stitch, I find it very appealing to the more casual side of me that likes to wear my dress shoes with jeans, a roll neck sweater, and a jacket. My one and only gripe is that I wish he did it on an almond shape last as I prefer that with suede. But nevertheless, it is a real beauty.

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suede wholecut

6 thoughts on “Suede Wholecut Oxford by Paolo Scafora”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      You would have to ask Paolo Scafora who makes and sells the shoes. The link is at the bottom of the writing of the blog

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