Stunning Cowboy Boots

You won’t see Cowboy boots often on here. The reality is that they are not for me. I have tried to like them but super high cuban heels and crazy pointed toes just are not my thing. But I can tell you that even though I do not like them for myself, I surely do appreciate seeing them on others, not to mention the artistry put into some of them. Cowboy boots are often some of the most beautiful pieces of footwear in terms of detailing in the upper. The shame is that you do not often see it as it will nearly always be covered by jeans. But when you see them off the feet it gives you the chance you get to appreciate them in their fullest form.

I came across these from Bedos Leatherworks’ page and was enamored. Not only with the super cool design but the color. The color nearly floored me. That is the richest burgundy that I have ever seen. Nearly a deep red but with those hints of purple in it. Truly stunning. I bet the owner of them is proud when he is strutting down the street. I know I would be.

Well, it is a busy Monday and I am up to my eyeballs in work so just wanted to drop this gem here and show that it is okay to appreciate and support something that you would not even wear. Because appreciating beauty is a treat in itself.


Stunning Cowboy Boots


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